Pulpit rock Team tournament
14-15 November


Held at a hotel

The event is held at Scandic Forus hotel. The gaming area is in the lobby. You can walk from breakfast directly to the gaming area.

Party on saturday

There is a bar at the hotel and you can drink in the gaming area. We also host a party with quiz.


Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40K events, both with 3 man teams.

Fun at focus

As with all our events, fun is our main goal. We make this tournament for you and your fellow players. We are trusted with your money to make a memorable weekend.


To attend this tournament you need to buy 2 tickets. 1 ticket is bought individual and 1 ticket is bought for the team. The team ticket is only necessary to be bought once.


Team Registration

  • Captain council group
  • Influence on rulepack
  • Registration of team



Player registration

  • Ticket as player to event



Rulepacks are updated regularly and we suggest to check them for updateds or stay in contact with you craptain who will be informed when we update

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a team ticket?

Yes, we have splitt the ticket in to 2 to give teams a chance to register without everyone buying their individual tickets, as we know not everyone has the same cashflow as everyone.

What is a captains responsibility?

Your responsibility is to make sure your team is ready to play when the round begins. You also are in charge of your teams pairings. 

You will also get access to the captains council group where you get influence on the tournament.

Do I need Best coast pairings?

Yes. Best coast parings (BCP) will be used for pairings and you and your captain needs it.

Is there a discount code for the hotel?

Not as in a discount code, but Drittunger as a club has discount on the hotel that everyone can use. Please contact us to get access to it.

OUR Team

Bjørn-Helge Stokkeland
Event Organiser

Tommy Svaasand
Warhammer 40K T.O

Gunnar Block Watne
Event Organiser

Kristoffer Mallberg
Age of Sigmar T.O